Craft the perfect exam with AI and systems built on extensive operational data.

시험 감독 결과를 표시하는 AI 감독 진단 리포트온라인으로 응시자를 감독하는 감독실
한국공인회계사회의 로고삼성의 로고한국전력의 로고한전KDN의 로고CJ의 로고현대자동차의 로고SK의 로고인천공항의 로고KT의 로고LG의 로고한국무역협회의 로고GS의 로고롯데의 로고하나은행의 로고신한은행의 로고농협은행의 로고한국주택금융공사의 로고신세계의 로고포스코의 로고한국자산관리공사의 로고한국공인회계사회의 로고삼성의 로고한국전력의 로고한전KDN의 로고CJ의 로고현대자동차의 로고SK의 로고인천공항의 로고KT의 로고LG의 로고한국무역협회의 로고GS의 로고롯데의 로고하나은행의 로고신한은행의 로고농협은행의 로고한국주택금융공사의 로고신세계의 로고포스코의 로고한국자산관리공사의 로고
From Offline to Online

Compared to Offline
Reduce Time and Costs
Post-Online Transition
Increased Participation
오른쪽 위로 상승하는 일자 차트
한국공인회계사회의 회사 로고
As a certified private agency, stability and tech expertise were prioritized.
Monito was the sole service that could handle thousands of concurrent users and effectively prevent cheating. Implementing Monito greatly reduced operating costs and shortened work hours. Our examinees view remote testing positively.
한국정보통신진흥협회의 회사 로고
Examinees' views on remote exams have shifted positively.
After COVID-19, we adopted AI for online proctoring. By developing our unique online supervision skills and expertise, we've managed to conduct stable exams, positively shifting examinees' perceptions of remote testing. Nowadays, there's a growing demand for online options across various certification fields.
한국무역협회의 회사 로고
Exams can now be taken without being limited by location.
Before the introduction of online exams, it was difficult for distant candidates to participate, but now it's possible. Additionally, the preparation period before and after exams has been shortened, allowing for more frequent testing and earlier announcement of results.
Find Your Perfect Solution

설정 아이콘
Live Management and Tech Support
A team of experts assists with exam creation and technical issues during the test, ensuring a stable testing environment.
상담 아이콘
Real-time Examinee Support Service
We offer real-time consultations for incoming inquiries to ensure examinees can take their exams with confidence.
지원 아이콘
Proctoring Support Services
Experienced proctors conduct the supervision tasks on your behalf, ensuring fairness and accuracy in exam monitoring.
From Creation to Results, All in One

Exam Creation and Question Choice
Examinee Invitation
Running the Exam
Video Proctoring
AI Proctoring
Live Scoring and Results
AI Proctoring Report
설정을 설명하는 이모티콘
Top configuration tools for creating a variety of exams
Create the exam you desire by configuring options for different exam formats, starting and ending choices, unique candidate IDs, and anti-cheating measures.
카메라 이모티콘
Real-time video proctoring during the exam period
Video and AI proctoring occur simultaneously with the exam, detecting cheating in real time.
문서 이모티콘
Easily supports various data related to the exam
It supports all the data necessary for exam administration and management, from comprehensive examinee data and access logs to exam results.
모니터 화면, 웹캠 화면, 모바일 카메라 화면을 동시에 감독하는 화면
Proctors and AI Automated Verification

Proctors without gaps

  • Triple monitoring covers the examinee's front, side, and monitor screen.
    The exam environment is controlled without blind spots using screen sharing, webcam, and mobile phone.
  • The AI proctor verifies once again
    It analyzes the behavior of examinees in real time to detect cheating.
  • Time Machine mode lets you go back anytime.
    During live supervision, you can review footage from moments ago.
  • Recorded footage ensures post-exam peace of mind.
    Video recordings and noted issues during supervision are provided with the video player.

No Worries About Cheating


Cheating-Related Features
Identity Verification를 나타내는 아이콘
Before exam
Identity Verification
Environment Capture and Verification를 나타내는 아이콘
Before exam
Environment Capture and Verification
Multi-Monitor Detection를 나타내는 아이콘
Multi-Monitor Detection
Partial Screen Sharing Detection를 나타내는 아이콘
Partial Screen Sharing Detection
Browser Switching Restriction를 나타내는 아이콘
Browser Switching Restriction
Stop exam on recording disconnection를 나타내는 아이콘
Stop exam on recording disconnection
Screen capture shortcut detection를 나타내는 아이콘
Screen capture shortcut detection
Real-time cheat notes를 나타내는 아이콘
Real-time cheat notes
Mixing the order of problems and options를 나타내는 아이콘
Mixing the order of problems and options
Block answer copy and paste를 나타내는 아이콘
Block answer copy and paste

Online Proctoring
Now Comes with
AI 라는 글씨와 별모양의 이미지가 있는 로고

AI 감독이 이루어지는 예시. 다양한 각도의 사람 얼굴 사진들과 시선을 감지하는 선들이 그려져있음.
  • 웃는 얼굴 모양의 이모티콘
    It detects faces to identify the number of people in the space and detect absences.
  • 손 모양의 이모티콘
    Both Hands
    It tracks hand movements to detect situations where hands are not visible.
  • 돋보기로 눈을 보는 이모티콘
    Eye Trackings
    It tracks hand movements to detect situations where hands are not visible.
  • 사전 모양의 이모티콘
    Nearby Objects
    It examines objects around the examinee to detect cheating materials.
AI 리포트의 예시 모습. 종합 소견 부분이 확대됨
Real-time supervision by professional proctors and AI's automatic verification diagnose suspected cheaters and provide reports.
  • Suspected cheaters
  • Detection Rate by Cheating Category
  • Providing Detailed Supervision Records for All Examinees

Drawing on our experience and expertise in conducting over 130,000 online exams, we provide a stable testing environment.
  • Automatic Server Scaling
  • High-Quality Video Supervision with Ultra-Low Latency Streaming
Max Concurrent Users
Total Exams Conducted
Total Examinee Count
Monito User Guide Video

Examinee's Test Preparation

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